Thursday, 26 January 2017

Changing of the Pancard Holder Name for Married Woman

You have to make changes on pan card time to time regularly. Especially for woman these changes are mandatory. For example if you are single woman when you take your pan card and then after a period of time if you get married, then your surname will be changed. In such a situation you have to change the name in your pan card. Also there will be a change in the signature of either man or woman time to time. So you have to do some changes regarding your signature in your pan card at regular intervals.
Changing of the Pancard Holder Name for Married Woman

The documents that are needed for a married woman to make changes in pan card are marriage certificate, Marriage invitation card, publication name change in gazette, passport copy with her husband’s name or vice versa. Then you have to take an application and fill whole form.

You must also tick on the boxes behind left margin that where correction or changes have to done. You can also change your signature. Even if you are an individual and want to make changes in your name then also you would need to have a copy of publication of name change in gazette.

If partners in a firm want to do any modifications in their pan card then they have to provide revised partnership deed. Where ever you need your modifications, there you have to keep tick mark in the appropriate box. This step is common for all who needs to make change in their pan card. Don’t forget to change your name on pan card, if your name changes after marriage.

If you request a new pan card with new name then a fresh pan card will be issued for you with desired changes. Even the changes are done regarding names or signatures or anything, the permanent account number on your pan won’t get changed. Since it is a permanent number.


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